London Letters #6: A Tale of Two Pianos

By Adam Katz Playing piano is one of the main reasons I am surviving the pandemic. If we recognize (and if you don’t, I have some news for you) that the mind is part of the body, and so emotional health is physical health, then it shouldn’t be surprising that within a few weeks ofContinue reading “London Letters #6: A Tale of Two Pianos”

London Letters #3: “The Rain it Raineth Everyday”

By Adam Katz I decided to call this one “London Letters,” even though I’m not in London anymore, because “Shropshire Letters” doesn’t alliterate.  We had to give up Anuja’s apartment in Camden Town on Sunday, and, rather than move to a different part of the city, we decided to go elsewhere for a while. GoodContinue reading “London Letters #3: “The Rain it Raineth Everyday””

(Podcast Release) Broadview Press and The Closet in the Library

Adam and Andrew sit down with editors Jason Rudy and Kate Flint to discuss the upcoming release (July 13) of Broadview Press’ Victorian Era anthology. We discuss how this new edition amplifies queer, BIPOC, Jewish, and female voices. Jason and Kate engage with all different readers of this anthology including educators, students, Victorian Lit. enthusiasts,Continue reading “(Podcast Release) Broadview Press and The Closet in the Library”

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