(Podcast Release) Broadview Press and The Closet in the Library

Adam and Andrew sit down with editors Jason Rudy and Kate Flint to discuss the upcoming release (July 13) of Broadview Press’ Victorian Era anthology. We discuss how this new edition amplifies queer, BIPOC, Jewish, and female voices. Jason and Kate engage with all different readers of this anthology including educators, students, Victorian Lit. enthusiasts,Continue reading “(Podcast Release) Broadview Press and The Closet in the Library”

Midweek Teaser

This week is a bit of a first in the almost-one-year history of the Ivory Tower Boiler Room: we were asked to do a book review of sorts. The editors of Broadview Press invited us to interview them on the occasion of their release of the new edition of the Broadview Anthology of British Literature,Continue reading “Midweek Teaser”

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