(Podcast Release) The Age of…: Dr. Sheila Liming’s Digital Humanities

Bio:  Sheila Liming is associate professor at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. She is the author of What a Library Means to a Woman (University of Minnesota Press) and Office (Bloomsbury), both published in 2020. Her writing has appeared previously in the Los Angeles Review of Books as well as in The Atlantic, Lapham’s Quarterly,Continue reading “(Podcast Release) The Age of…: Dr. Sheila Liming’s Digital Humanities”

Podcast Preview: We Welcome the Weekend

Hey, everyone! Thanks for sticking with us all week. Covering the topics we covered the past few days may not have been pleasant, but watching the numbers tick up as our readers and listeners gravitated to the topic certainly was pleasant. It’s important to see that there are people committed to helping certain buried orContinue reading “Podcast Preview: We Welcome the Weekend”

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