Big Think: I’m Going to Use the R-Word (and it’s ok if you do, too)

Editor’s Note(s):1. You may be wondering why Erika is writing another Big Think in October. Andrew and Mary have been stepping back from the Big Think this month because of other duties, and Erika has been especially prolific lately, so we decided to just make the switch.2. The “writing mentor” mentioned in this piece is,Continue reading “Big Think: I’m Going to Use the R-Word (and it’s ok if you do, too)”

Poems by Terri Muuss

Content Warning: Sexual Assault, Gaslighting We in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room try to maintain a sense of positivity. That’s not to say we keep things light. But when we talk about something like sexual violence, we try to focus, not on the abuser or assaulter but on the survivor; on what they do toContinue reading “Poems by Terri Muuss”

Healing from Trauma: The Poetry of Terri Muuss

Terri Muuss is a practicing social worker, as well as a poet, director, and much else besides. Muuss’s social work blends with her avocation for poetry and theater; both deal extensively with healing from trauma. Given that yesterday (7/14/21) we dropped a new interview on our podcast dealing with the same subject, we thought thatContinue reading “Healing from Trauma: The Poetry of Terri Muuss”

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