Blog-posts Lead to Discussion…

By Adam Katz One of my favorite new activities is writing a blog post and having someone I care about bring it up in conversation. I like doing the reverse, as well, not surprisingly. My recent Big Think, about trying to shed the homophobic bias I was invisibly raised with, led to an amazing conversationContinue reading “Blog-posts Lead to Discussion…”

Fine. More “Big Cat, Little Cat”

. . . On the left, a large, orange cat with an apparently benevolent expression takes up almost half of the frame. On the right, a small grey with a squinty, grumpy look takes up less than a quarter. Big Cat appears to be looking down at Little Cat with love. Big cat says toContinue reading “Fine. More “Big Cat, Little Cat””

Some Thoughts on The Color Purple

A Postscript to Adam’s Big Think #2 By Adam Katz First of all, what an awesome book. I find it interesting when an author goes all in on accents and dialects, as if to demonstrate that it can be done without compromising the respect the reader owes the characters. As if to say: it’s notContinue reading “Some Thoughts on The Color Purple”

New Weekly(ish) Piece

Happy Pride from Big Cat, Little Cat . . . For the visually impaired: Two cats, orange and grey. The orange cat takes up almost all of the left half of the frame, and is looking downward at the grey cat with what appears to be a benevolent facial expression. The grey cat is smaller,Continue reading “New Weekly(ish) Piece”

“Literally” has Legit been Replaced

By Adam Katz One of my two or three favorite professors in college was Barbara Jeanne Fields. I want to spend all of my time saying everything I know about her, because she amazing and has an amazing life-story, but suffice the subject of today’s musing is professor’s Fields’s conservative feelings about the written wordContinue reading ““Literally” has Legit been Replaced”

Adam’s Big Think #2:

Performing at the Cringe Festival: Becoming an Ally By Adam Katz Early on in my relationship with my very first girlfriend, she told me about how she broke the exciting news to her friends that she was dating someone new: this guy who has all these interests: he likes to knit and listen to operaContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #2:”

Picture of Erika’s (Most Camera-Loving) Cat

For anyone who has been reading Erika’s gorgeous, soul-searching articles of late and wondering: where does she find the balance between inner fire and inner calm that would allow her to write like that, we trust this picture raises far more questions than it will ever answer.

That’s it. I’m done with Stradivarius Violins

By Adam Katz I have had an odd thought rattling around in the can about Stradivarius violins. I’ve never been a violinist; I don’t remember doing more than picking up with their permission a friend’s violin (or maybe it was a viola) and trying it with the bow. I probably made a sound like aContinue reading “That’s it. I’m done with Stradivarius Violins”

June Preview-Welcome to Pride Month 2021: The Ivory Tower Boiler Room Celebrates, Reflects, and Memorializes

Book spines with different LGBTQ* Pride Flags This month is a big deal for us. We are keeping to the established pattern–a big think every Monday, a podcast every Saturday, and shorter content in between. But leading up to this, the 52nd anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we will be using those established patterns toContinue reading “June Preview-Welcome to Pride Month 2021: The Ivory Tower Boiler Room Celebrates, Reflects, and Memorializes”

Mass-Grave found in Canada Dates from only about 45 Years Ago

By Adam Katz It gives me little pleasure to write this article, but I could not see failing to respond. Throughout most of the 20th century, Canada ran “Residential Schools” meant to deprive the aboriginal population of their culture. Yesterday, Friday, May 28, 2021, a mass grave was found beneath one of those schools. ThisContinue reading “Mass-Grave found in Canada Dates from only about 45 Years Ago”

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