Adam’s Big Think #6: Wrong Tent

By Adam Katz For this month’s Big Think, the theme is “Things that go Bump in the Night.” Enjoy! It was a weekend camping trip with the Boy Scouts. Yes, I was a Boy Scout for a couple of years. The autumn leaves were fresh and crisp—mostly oak with some maple and ash and someContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #6: Wrong Tent”

September Wrap Up/October Preview

September has just flown by. It’s a month filled with so many holidays for some people, the unofficial end to summer (and the beginning of the Rabbit Season/Duck Season style debate between the pumpkin crowd and the apple crowd.) We spent the month in the Boiler Room observing holidays and heading Back to the Books,Continue reading “September Wrap Up/October Preview”

Speak Up, It’s Saturday

Adam (who created the Big Cat, Little Cat series,)  is doing a little traveling right now, which means Erika gets to talk to you about our new schedule and start our new Saturday series. We’ve done a little renovating here in the Boiler Room, and so here’s a quick schedule update  to help you findContinue reading “Speak Up, It’s Saturday”

(Season 5, Ep. 5) Peculiar Affairs in Academia with Dr. Michael Nevradakis

Our podcast episodes will now premiere on Mondays at 5pm. We’re taking a break from the Big Think this week, but it will be back next Monday. Look out for some exciting Banned Books Week content on our blog page and on twitter @ivoryboilerroom. Listen to the Episode Dr. Nevradakis’ interview acts as a sortContinue reading “(Season 5, Ep. 5) Peculiar Affairs in Academia with Dr. Michael Nevradakis”

Banned Books Week

By Adam Katz Banned Books week starts Sunday, September 26, and runs through Saturday, October 2. Check back here in a few days for more content! When we talk about banning books, what are we actually talking about? I can think of a lot of books that should be (or that, in effect, are) bannedContinue reading “Banned Books Week”

Adam’s Big Think #5: Sticking Your Nose in a Book

By Adam Katz Do you think books mind when we read them? Here they are carrying on with their lives, being beautiful or terrible according to how they were written, and we come along and literally stick our noses into their business. There are some people—scholars, philosophers, authors—who treat books as if they were alive.Continue reading “Adam’s Big Think #5: Sticking Your Nose in a Book”

Back to the Big Think

This week’s Big Think is a bit of a special edition. This month’s theme is Back to the Books, and we wanted to celebrate (in slightly punny fashion) by going back to our favorite passages from our previous Big Thinks about reading and about books in general. Of course, if you find one of theContinue reading “Back to the Big Think”

Adam’s Big Think #4: I’d Rather be Editing

By Adam Katz Last month, the theme for our Big Think was education and scholarship. This month, we’re narrowing our focus to the ways in which our time in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room has helped us discover for ourselves what it means to be a teacher, a scholar, a public intellectual. Enjoy! * WhenContinue reading “Adam’s Big Think #4: I’d Rather be Editing”

It’s Party O’Clock in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room!

If just one person believes in youDeep enough, and strong enough, believes in youBefore you know it, someone else will think“If he can do it, I can do it” Typically on a Monday, we bring you a Big Think entry; a piece by one of us that highlights our own relationship with the theme forContinue reading “It’s Party O’Clock in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room!”

Coal Miners’ Strike in Tuscaloosa enters 4th month

“Yet Conscience is a nobleman, the best in us, and a friend.” By Adam Katz This is our hundredth post. Solidarity takes work and engagement. So imagine my surprise when I saw a story covered by an independent media outlet to the effect that there has been a coal miners’ strike going on in AlabamaContinue reading “Coal Miners’ Strike in Tuscaloosa enters 4th month”

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