It’s Caturday, We Have Questions

And on to our Caturday question: This week we’re asking, “Who is the first person you show your writing to and why?” Answer here in the comments or on Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @IvoryBoilerRoom, @WhatTheMamaSaw and @DrWhippersnap and include the hashtag #IvoryBoilerRoomAsks.

It’s Caturday and We have Questions

Clearly, these two have their rituals. They’re cats–creatures of habit, after all. In fact, with the change of seasons, the rituals change a little, too The changing angle of the sun means a change in sleeping spots and sleeping patterns. One thing doesn’t change, however, and that is the insistence that one or more ofContinue reading “It’s Caturday and We have Questions”

Big Cat, Little Cat!

Mary’s True Crime Tuesday is off this week. But we’ll be receiving dispatches from Adam’s trip to England starting tomorrow. Apropos of which… * * Description: Two felines, both alike in dignity, but not in size or color, in fair London where we lay our scene. The small grey asks the large orange: “So whatContinue reading “Big Cat, Little Cat!”

Speak Up, It’s Saturday

Adam (who created the Big Cat, Little Cat series,)  is doing a little traveling right now, which means Erika gets to talk to you about our new schedule and start our new Saturday series. We’ve done a little renovating here in the Boiler Room, and so here’s a quick schedule update  to help you findContinue reading “Speak Up, It’s Saturday”

Introducing our Weekly Featured Author

All of us in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room are very proud and excited to share with you a new page on our website: each week we will be featuring the work of a new writer, starting with Judy Russ. You can find her work here And if you would like to submit your workContinue reading “Introducing our Weekly Featured Author”

Thank You for Joining Us!

We will be putting up content from our FIRST in-person event soon, but in the meantime, thank you for all of us at the Ivory Tower Boiler Room, and a special thank-you from Big Cat and Little Cat. Thank you to everyone who showed up, either in-person or online, and read! If you are interestedContinue reading “Thank You for Joining Us!”

July Wrap-Up: Teaching, Public Humanities, and Public Scholarship

“I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” In just a few days, the Ivory Tower Boiler Room will be closing the book on our first year of podcasting (and three months of blogging, too)! Over the past year, we’ve gradually come together as a team and created a visionContinue reading “July Wrap-Up: Teaching, Public Humanities, and Public Scholarship”

Never Have I Ever… Reviewed a TV Show

By Adam Katz True Crime in Academia is off today. Please stay tuned! And don’t forget to RSVP for our amazing party this coming Tuesday! So here’s why I like Never Have I Ever. I’ll start by saying that I’m a Jewish person who is in a relationship with an Indian woman—actually a Tamil woman,Continue reading “Never Have I Ever… Reviewed a TV Show”

Midweek Teaser

Summer is here already, and while some people are thinking “vacation,” we are still hard at work here in the Ivory Tower Boiler Room (sometimes we are working from a sunlit folding chair). A last minute change in plans meant that last week, instead of our Writers’ Round Table, you heard Adam and Andrew talking toContinue reading “Midweek Teaser”

Midweek Teaser

July? Already? It’s disconcerting to realize that in some places, people are suffering through the worst heat wave ever in the area, and at the same time, back to school sales are starting.  I love back to school sales; fresh notebooks, new pens. It’s so exciting. One day I will find the perfect combination ofContinue reading “Midweek Teaser”

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